1. Plan a study schedule to complete the NEET syllabus in time

The advantage of having a daily study schedule for NEET is once you are finished with a task, you already know what is next on your schedule.

2. Don’t leave out topics and chapters that you think are less important for NEET

In NEET exam, a question can come from any topic or chapter.

3. Study from NCERT textbooks, coaching modules and reference books for practicing NEET level problem

Read NCERT textbooks line by line. Solved examples, exercises, summary, everything in NCERT is important for NEET.

4. Revise daily, make revision notes for last minute revision before the tests and exam

There should be fixed revision slots in your NEET schedule. Along with the theory, solve problems to revise effectively.

5. Join a coaching to enhance your chances of cracking the NEET exam

Join NEET coaching classes if you haven’t done yet. Coaching gives you a great exposure to quality teaching, questions and the tests conducted on the basis of NEET exam pattern.

6. Attend all classes and complete your homework/ assignments on time

Be regular with your classes. Any day the teacher can teach you some key lessons and tricks.  

7. Clear all your doubts as soon as possible

Doubts lead to frustration, procrastination, disappointments and many more roadblocks in your preparation.

8. Give mock tests, analyse mistakes and improve your performance

Along with regular tests in coaching, you should also practice online mock tests at your home.

9. Manage your time well between studies and other task

Time management is very crucial as you have to find a balance between studies and other things.

10. Stay positive and determined to achieve your goal

Believe that you can crack NEET in your first attempt. Do everything that is required to make it happen.