Don’t Touch Newa Topic

Don’t Touch Newa Topic

During the final phase of exam preparation, do not study any new topic, because you may not be able to grasp the concept properly. This leaves the risk of creating unnecessary confusion. It is better to revise the topics you have already studied.

Formulate Section-Wise Strategie

For Mathematics, note down tricks, formulas, and strategies. This will help you to refresh mathematical concepts in a short span. 



It is important to revisit the topics that you have covered. Do not revise books and chapters rather, make short and simple notes. This way you can simply glance through them to refresh the topics in your mind.

Practice Question Paper

Solving previous years’ CDS question papers is a good idea, as it braces you for the exam. You can improve your accuracy and question-solving ability.

Check Required Stationarie

Make sure that you have kept the CDS admit card and required seditionaries such as pen and pencil at a convenient place.

Sleep Properly

Rejuvenate your strength. Sleep properly and on time, and be refreshed both physically and mentally.

Be Positive and Confident

Approach the exam with a positive attitude. Be confident in your preparation and give it your best.