Best Career options after MCA in India

Software Developer


It is one of the leading career options after MCA. There is software for everything. May it be paying bills, booking tickets, shopping etc. If you love to code, you cannot have a better option after MCA.

Web Designer & Developer


This is one of those fields which attracts most students. Everyone wants to have their website. It is a never-dying career option. Every business needs to have its website. It’s similar to software development.

Database Administrator


An information technology professional who designs the databases and maintain them. 

Cyber Security 


With good comes bad. With the increasing technologies, threats have also been increased. All the hacking of accounts and other security breaches we see in sci-fi movies is possible and real in the real world. Cyberwar has started. Data is important and needs to be protected from reaching in the wrong.



you have an idea, a plan, you can become an entrepreneur. Build a website for yourself or build a software application for yourself. Implement the idea using the technology.